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The hotels in Ningbo are efficiently provided from, the website specialized on Ninbo. These pages can furnish all travel services by connection with international tour operators. The prices of Ningbo hotels (bookable by are discounted up to 75% and are inclusive of taxes, services and other costs. Ningbo is ancient city
(is the place of Hemudu Culture, with 7000 years of history). Ningbo is located in the east of Zhejiang province, in the coast at the south of the Yangtze Delta. In the past it was a important port, today is a modern city, economically well developed

Ningbo hotels accommodation
Along with the Ningbo strides forward the international port tourism city, Hotel industry is developing rapidly, and the overall scale and standard arrive in the province forefront. There are 126 star hotels, over 12,700 guestrooms (suites), and over 23,000 beds in the city, moreover, you can find the various star hotels everywhere in Ningbo that...More>>>
Nanyuan Hotel
Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Portman Plaza Hotel, Ningbo87 USDBook
♦ Nanyuan Hotel131 USDBook
♦ Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Ningbo125 USDBook
♦ CITIC Ningbo International Hotel72 USDBook
♦ New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo100 USDBook
♦ Holiyacht Crystal Hotel Ningbo71 USDBook
♦ Ningbo Jiahe Hotel55 USDBook
♦ Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo0 USDBook
♦ Sheraton Ningbo Hotel145 USDBook
♦ Crowne Plaza City Center Ningbo95 USDBook
♦ Ningbo LIZI HOTEL0 USDBook
♦ Nanyuan Universe Deluxe Hotel, Ningbo183 USDBook
♦ Jingwei Yuda Hotel, Ningbo0 USDBook
♦ Asia Garden Hotel, Ningbo43 USDBook
♦ Ningbo Beilun College Hotel33 USDBook
♦ Sofitel Wanda Ningbo Hotel100 USDBook
♦ Ningbo World Hotel62 USDBook
♦ NingHai Pacific International Hotel51 USDBook
Ningbo Overview
Ningbo is called Yong for short, Ningbo locates on the beach of East China Sea in our country, in the middle of the continent's coast line, in the south of the delta of Changjiang River, in the east of Ningshao Plain in Zhejiang, between E120°55' to 122°16', N28°51' to 30°33'. There are Zhoushan islands to be as the natural shield in the... More>>>
Ningbo Overview Qin Bridge
Ningbo travel guide
    The mail tour scenery spots of Ningbo are Baoguo Temple, Tianyi Pavilion, Tiantong Temple, Tashan Weir, Yuyao Scenic Spot, Town god's temple, The Liangzhu Cultural Park, King Ayu Temple, and Tianyi Square, The China Fishing Village in Xiangshan, Dongqian Lake Tourist & Holiday Resort, Golden bay seaside holiday village...More>>>
Ningbo travel Tianyi Pavilion
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